HMMSHyper Media Management Schema
HMMSHazardous Material Management System
HMMSHypermedia Management Schema
HMMSHorace Mann Middle School (El Portal, FL)
HMMSHudson Marine Management Services (marine incident support)
HMMSHampden, Monroe, Middlesex, and Silver Spring (soccer club, Pennsylvania)
HMMSHelmet-Mounted-Mobility Sensor
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The temporal relationship between local spatio-temporal motion patterns is captured via a distribution-based Hidden Markov Model (HMM) and the spatial relationship by a coupled HMM.
The Hidden Markov Model (HMM) is the most common and successful approach for isolated voice commands recognition today.
We applied Baum-Welch algorithm for the training of HMMs for all classes.
The emission probability matrices for the first-order and second-order HMMs are shown as follows:
Fridman demonstrated that visual behavior could be used to predict driving environment using HMM from just 6 seconds with the 100-car naturalistic driving data [17].
These features are statistically modeled using the Bayesian network, CRFs, and HMMs. Thirty cataract surgery videos are used for the testing purpose having 720 x 576 pixels.
As previously noted, of the two most popular families of stochastic taggers, HMMs and MaxEnt, the former has a longer history in its application to natural language processing.
Offline recognition of unconstrained handwritten texts using hmms and statistical language models.