HMMSHyper Media Management Schema
HMMSHazardous Material Management System
HMMSHypermedia Management Schema
HMMSHorace Mann Middle School (El Portal, FL)
HMMSHudson Marine Management Services (marine incident support)
HMMSHampden, Monroe, Middlesex, and Silver Spring (soccer club, Pennsylvania)
HMMSHelmet-Mounted-Mobility Sensor
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Multi-item production planning-an extension of the HMMS rules.
The Division of Operations Support determined that developing an effective HMMS would be feasible if it built on the existing SLD system and engaged Baker for maintenance data collection.
Field crews began collecting HMMS data on the 660 miles of NJDOT roadways and 335 miles of ramps in the northern region of the state in October 2001--aformidable task.
Given a new spoken word, a speech-recognition system computes the likelihood that each of the word HMMS generated this spoken word.