HMMXHSDPA Multicarrier Multilink Extensions (wireless data technology)
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QUALCOMM is developing products that we expect to announce in 2006 that take full advantage of the unsurpassed data throughput, multicast and capacity benefits offered by DMMX and HMMX that will take us well into the next decade.
In DMMX and HMMX, "multicarrier multilink" represents the use of multiple wireless transmission protocols in multiple frequency bands -- simultaneously: for instance, an OFDM-based MediaFLO signal transmitted in 700 MHz spectrum for video services combined with the use of a CDMA-based EV-DO reverse link in cellular spectrum for interactive management by subscribers of their "wireless TV" services.
The DMMX and HMMX platforms also link an array of QUALCOMM-developed techniques that will further enhance the voice and data performance of CDMA2000 EV-DO and WCDMA HSDPA.