HMNZSHer Majesty's New Zealand Ship
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61) The initial amphibious operations necessitated protection operations, which were conducted by a range of vessels from Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States, including HMNZS Te Kaha.
The Chengtu is now heading south to rendezvous with the navy vessel, HMNZS Otago to finish off the 30-hour voyage to Auckland.
The Orion relayed the information to New Zealand navy vessel HMNZS Canterbury, which spotted the pumice late Thursday about 85 nautical miles west southwest of Raoul Island, one of the Kermadec Islands that lie 750 to 1,000 km northeast of New Zealand.
This morning however it was the HMNZS Canterbury which was anchored where the log carriers and the car transporters usually lie.
Its commander, Admiral Mario Bonetti, ordered the remaining four submarines to Bourdeaux, France, to join the Regia Marina's submarine flotilla operating there, while three armed merchant cruisers were ordered to Kobe, Japan, with one succumbing to the guns of the light cruiser HMNZS Leander en-route.
Joined by HMNZS Canterbury (L 421), HMAS Betano (L 133) and HMAS Balikpapan (L 126), Cleveland arrived in the waters of ni-Vanuatu (as they call themselves) with civilian volunteers and military representatives from five of the U.
Units participating in GKIII included Bahraini Navy frigate RBNS Al Manama (FPBGH 50), Royal New Zealand Navy frigate HMNZS Te Mana (F 111), amphibious assault ship USS Nassau (LHA 4), guided missile cruiser USS Philippine Sea (CG 58), fleet ocean tug USNS Catawba (T-ATF 168), members of Commander, Destroyer Squadron 9 and various U.
Mission modules for the offshore-patrol vessels will be constructed in New Zealand, while the construction and launch of the ships will occur at Tenix's shipbuilding facilities at Williamstown, Australia, where the ANZAC frigates (one of which, HMNZS Canterbury, is shown here) were built.
The WFPG participated in ceasefire talks held off Honiara on HMNZS Te Kaha in August 2000 but along with other 'civil society' representatives was excluded from the Townsville peace conference in October 2000 (Solomon Islands Government 2000).
David Brown, Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon, commander Rick Husband, astronaut Kalpana Chawla, pilot William McCool, astronaut Michael Anderson and astronaut Laurel Clark were killed when the shuttle broke apart in flames 200,000 feet over Texas on Saturday; Wembley stadium's famous twin towers remain standing before their demolition began yesterday; sailors on board the New Zealand naval frigate HMNZS Te Mana perform a Haka, a Maori war dance, as the ship leaves Devonport Naval Base in Auckland en route to the Gulf; Michael Jackson gives unprecedented and exclusive access to his very private life for a groundbreaking documentary made by Tonight reporter Martin Bashir and broadcast on Monday night
The Million Dollar Mouse monitoring team left yesterday evening aboard the HMNZS Wellington, courtesy of the New Zealand Defence Force.
24) McIntosh (and his department) was appalled by their having to defend the chaotic mess, which also nearly enmeshed the New Zealand navy's HMNZS Royalist.