HMNZSHer Majesty's New Zealand Ship
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Dr Robinson's focus on HMNZS Te Kahas time with the USS Nimitz carrier strike group, seven days of the six months the ship was away from New Zealand, distorts the activities of the deployment.
The RNZN's two Anzac-class frigates, HMNZS Te Kaha (F 77) and HMNZS Te Mana (F 111), are entrusted with a range of tasks, which include a force-protection role for the JTF.
The captains of the boats had denied entry to the crew of HMNZS Wellington.
New Zealand sent HMNZS Te Kaha and HMNZS Endeavour, a rifle
He also commanded HMS Dalrymple and HMS Vidal, as well as the New Zealand survey ship HMNZS Lachlan, and served as the RNZN's Director of Hydrography 1954-56.
After the Wellington Declaration was issued, New Zealand sent the multi-role vessel HMNZS Canterbury to participate in the annual US humanitarian exercise Pacific Partnership, which alternates between the South Pacific and Southeast Asia.
The Chengtu is now heading south to rendezvous with the navy vessel, HMNZS Otago to finish off the 30-hour voyage to Auckland.
The Orion relayed the information to New Zealand navy vessel HMNZS Canterbury, which spotted the pumice late Thursday about 85 nautical miles west southwest of Raoul Island, one of the Kermadec Islands that lie 750 to 1,000 km northeast of New Zealand.
This morning however it was the HMNZS Canterbury which was anchored where the log carriers and the car transporters usually lie.
Its commander, Admiral Mario Bonetti, ordered the remaining four submarines to Bourdeaux, France, to join the Regia Marina's submarine flotilla operating there, while three armed merchant cruisers were ordered to Kobe, Japan, with one succumbing to the guns of the light cruiser HMNZS Leander en-route.
Joined by HMNZS Canterbury (L 421), HMAS Betano (L 133) and HMAS Balikpapan (L 126), Cleveland arrived in the waters of ni-Vanuatu (as they call themselves) with civilian volunteers and military representatives from five of the U.S.