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HMOHealth Maintenance Organization
HMOHouse in Multiple Occupation (UK)
HMOHealth Management Organization
HMOHome Media Option (TiVo)
HMOHadassah Medical Organization (Israel)
HMOHermanus Magnetic Observatory
HMOHear Me Out (chat)
HMOHealthcare Maintenance Organization
HMOHermosillo, Sonora, Mexico - General Ignacio Pesqueira Garcia (Airport Code)
HMOHand Money Over
HMOHibbert Moneymaking Organization (The Simpsons cartoon)
HMOHazardous Materials Operation(s)
HMOHabitat Module Outfitting
HMOHeavy Machine Operator
HMOHydro Mechanical Obliteration (Colson's weed removal by high-pressure water jet)
HMOHigh Mobility Operations
HMOHealing Music Organization
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Q: The doctor at the examining table or the HMO executive in a remote office suite?
In the 1980s, HMOs gained attention when Congress attached an HMO provision under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act.
Nearly 30 percent of Medicare HMOs in California got four or five stars, compared to 11 percent last year.
I fully expected the HMO policies to favor the superior control of resources and the quality inherent to excellent multispecialty group practices.
Medicare TEFRA-risk HMO enrollees appear to be, on average, healthier than beneficiaries enrolled in the FFS sector, who appear to be in turn healthier than HMO disenrollees.
Believe it or not, Bill Clinton and leaders of both political parties propose to aggravate the conditions that have provoked the assault on patient privacy--the proliferation of huge computer systems loaded with patient data, and the HMO habit of reading patient files.
Angered by the problem and the perception that HMOs are not moving quickly to correct it, AIDS activists have joined the bandwagon to reform managed care organizations.
Compared with HMO plans nationally (InterStudy, 1996), the HMOs in the risk sample are older, have larger total enrollment, are less likely to have for-profit tax status, and are more likely to be mixed-model HMOs.
Even one of Washington's top HMObashers noted the trend, although he did so in support of his bill that would saddle HMOs with more regulations.
If an employer offers a health benefits plan to its employ, and includes an HMO as required by the employer mandate provision, any employer contribution under the plan must "not financially discriminate" against an employee who enrolls in the HMO.
For Montclair, the HMO suggested 40% of full capitation be allocated to outside specialists.
During the 1930s, California-based Kaiser Permanente, now the largest HMO in the world, began providing pre-paid health care for employees of entrepreneur Henry Kaiser.