HMOMHyper Media Object Management
HMOMHeartland Mothers of Multiples (club; San Diego, CA)
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One can obtain that the discrete interval is 0.3[lambda] of the LMOM with rooftop basis and 0.5[lambda] for the HMOM. In other words, there are fewer segments in the parametric directions of the HMOM than those of the LMOM with the rooftop basis.
The comparisons of the simulating time and memory requirements by the HMOM, the LMOM with rooftop or RWG basis for the same surface realization is also listed in Table 2, where H and V indicate the polarizations of the incident wave, respectively.
From Table 2, it is readily found that the HMOM spends less time to solve this scattering problem than the LMOM with rooftop basis.
This paper proposes the HMOM to investigate on the properties of the bistatic scattering from a 2D PEC Gaussian rough surface.