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HMPAOTc-Hexamethylpropyleneamine Oxime (radiophamaceutical tracer compound)
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The value of HMPAO SPECT in predicting treatment response to citalopram in patients with major depression.
HMPAO gained Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval in 1990; MCG begain doing brain SPECT scans for epileptic focus localization in 1993.
Each subject received an age/weight-appropriate dose of Tc99m HMPAO intravenously.
Improved detection of cerebral hypoperfusion with internal carotid balloon test occlusion and 99mTc HMPAO cerebral perfusion SPECT imaging.
10) Bleeding and inflammatory reaction with necrosis was noted in the accumulation of Tc-99m HMPAO in malignant abdominal tumors.