HMPQHank Muddley Power Quartet (Dutch band)
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To increase awareness of individual differences in students' learning preferences and of their own preferences about learning, the counselors can use the HMPQ in a staff development session.
Dunn & Dunn, 1992, 1993; Gregorc, 1982; Kolb, 1984) and the current homework model to enhance staff's knowledge about individual differences in learning preferences in school and home learning situations; (b) discussing the relationship between homework and school success; (c) completing the HMPQ by the staff; (d) explaining each component of the HMPQ, learning briefly how scoring is done, and scoring their own homework motivation and preference (a large number of completed HMPQ can be machine-scored); and (e) presenting strategies for homework accommodation using homework motivation and preference information.
In particular, classroom teachers can appreciate learning about the specific HMPQ components in which the teacher can have major influence on homework assignments (e.
At the parent workshop, a counselor may utilize the HMPQ to help parents better understand the differences in the ways their children learn and study.