HMPSAHot Melt Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive
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According to Bostik, in designing the new facility, it employed a cross-regional approach where manufacturing and engineering expertise from other HMPSA sites was heavily used in the planning phases.
In Experiment 1, the Alpha Scents traps, whether covered with HMPSA or with SG, usually caught more R.
Savare Specialty Adhesives is a leading supplier to the hygiene industry as well as in special applications such as medical, personal care, home care, footwear and leather, upholstery and mattresses, building and construction, automotive, food and beverage, packaging, HMPSA labels and other industries.
Eastman's technical study reports that depending on the specific performance demands of a given HMPSA application, it is now possible to provide substantial substitution of isoprene monomers in an adhesives formulation using a blend of the KRATON Polymers SIBS (styrene-isoprene-butadiene-styrene) block copolymer and SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) block copolymer.
Services: Hot melt adhesives coating and Laminating, HMPSA tapes, slitting, spooling and traverse winding; lab facilities