HMQHer Majesty the Queen
HMQHealth Marketing Quarterly (est .1983)
HMQHealth Management Quarterly
HMQHealth Measurement Questionnaire
HMQHenry Marcus Quackenbush (nutcracker inventor)
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The HMQ serves to gather information regarding participants' medical history, health risks and lifestyle.
The medical history component of the HMQ, therefore, only provides a safety checkpoint for initiating participants into a fitness program.
ABEL pumps for these applications are offered as models HMT (triplex, single-action) and HMQ (quadruple-action).
NEVER mind HMQ purring to the PM at the result of the referendum in Scotland, James Doyle can also enjoy that winning feline at HQ aboard Captain Cat.
Yet as HMQ and The Duke motored past in the limo, I fancy I was distracted and only saw the backs of their heads, the flag fluttering after they'd gone.
Even under these strenuous conditions, Abel said the HMQ pumps have constantly performed at their peak and the power plant has never had to derate its capacity.
It was my "Stuff The Jubilee" badge from the summer of 1977 when HMQ celebrated 25 years on the throne, probably with a bottle of Don Cortez medium white which was enough to put anyone on the throne though probably not for 25 years.
You can tell which side our bus is on by the union flags painted on house gable ends and the regimental insignia and the giant portraits of HMQ.
I have already had one nightmare about England wining the World Cup, in which the entire squad to a man (including the coach driver's dog) was knighted by HMQ back in Buck House.
But as it happens, while HMQ was marking her 80th, the Vespa motor scooter hit 60.
Last time HMQ was in Cardiff Bay was for the Assembly opening, when there was an open-air concert featuring all the usual suspects (Tom, Bryn, Shirl, etc).
At 8am on Wednesday, the precise moment when Bush will be taking morning tea with the Queen (and no doubt framing some dumb-ass conversational gambit that will make HMQ blench with revulsion), I urge all readers to rise from the breakfast table, fold their The Western Mail, turn to face the west, think of George Bush, lower your undergarments, and waggle your buttocks in the general direction of London.