HMQCHeteronuclear Multiple Quantum Coherence
HMQCHeteronuclear Multiple-Quantum Correlation
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Further confirmation of the structure was done by the inspection of HMQC and HMBC experiments.
13]C chemical shifts were determined from the F1 projection of HMQC and HMBC diagrams, because the weak amount of metabolite (50 [micro]g) precluded the direct measurement of a carbon spectrum.
High resolution COSY, HMQC, and HMBC spectra are being used to determine the structures of these three major compounds, even though it has not been possible to isolate the individual compounds in pure form.
and two dimensional NMR (COSY, NOSY, HMQC, HMBC): C2, [delta] 157.
Furthermore, the structures were further supported by two dimensional NMR techniques like COSY-45o, HMQC and HMBC.
In the HMBC and HMQC spectra, correlations from H-4 to C-23, from H-l, H-2, and H-4 to C-3 were observed (Fig.
Costing well below $100,000, the instrument can generate NMR spectra of 13C, 1H and 19F containing samples and perform 2D methods such as HMQC, HETCOR, COSY and 2D JRES.
13]C HMQC NMR spectra were collected with the Bruker Advanced II 400M spectrometer with DMSO-[d.
Si] HMQC experiment dealing with a complex mixture of silicophosphates.
13]C uni- y hi- dimensional (DEPT, HOMOCOSY, HMQC Y HMBC) (Crews et al.
The present data generated by HMQC and HMBC experiments support the previous data on characterization of 1,2-Benzo-8-alanyl-3-phenoxazone by [.