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HMRHazardous Materials Regulations
HMRHyderabad Metro Rail (Indian project)
HMRHuman Resources
HMRHornady Magnum Rimfire (ammunition)
HMRHandover Key Mobile Node Request
HMRHardware Maintenance Reference
HMRHôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont (Montréal, Canada)
HMRHuman Mineralocorticoid Receptor (pharmaceutical industry)
HMRHome Meal Replacement
HMRHamrun (postal locality, Malta)
HMRHigh Moisture Resistance
HMRHome of Relative (reform plan; Illinois)
HMRHealth Management Review (South Africa)
HMRHour Meter Reading
HMRHungry Mind Review (literary journal)
HMRHardwood Market Report
HMRHeavy Metal Rock
HMRHierarchical Moderated Regression (decision theory)
HMRMarine Helicopter Transport Squadron (USMC)
HMRHeader Manipulation Rule (computing)
HMRHome Media Research
HMRHeavy Metal Removal (industrial wastewater treatment plants)
HMRHotel Motel Restaurant (hospitality Industry)
HMRHazardous Material Report
HMRHeadquarters Modification Request
HMRHeadquarters Maintenance Requirement
HMRHealth and Medical Record
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17 HMR cartridge's power and flat trajectory make it easier to place accurate shots at long range compared to the .
HMR Weight Management Services Corporation will operate as a subsidiary of Merck, while Health Management Resources Corporation will continue to operate as an independent company and will provide key support to HMR Weight Management Services Corporation.
The HMR also notes that Government is "unfortunately" going to delay a decision on the Crosby Report, which suggested Government guarantees to free up the supply of mortgage finance, until the 2009 Budget, likely to be in March or April.
Builders have also faced accusations of hoarding land to cash in on house price rises: HMR says larger housebuilders hold an average 2.
Marco Cosentino, stated, "These results indicate that HMR and enterolactone exert effects that may result in reduction of the inflammatory process, known to be a contributing factor in the etiology of heart disease.
A member of the City's Partnership for the Environment Advisory Board and strong public advocate for both recycling and preserving Hawaii's environment, Banigan moved to Hawaii and took the helm of HMR in 1992.
HMR manufacturers in recent years have responded to consumer demand for a wide variety of healthy meals that can be prepared quickly.
The report points out specialist retailers are the main drivers of HMR in the US.
Begin developing an HMR strategy by conducting a market survey, the report recommends.
And since HMR is incremental and not the sole business of a supermarket, fixed costs are lower than they would be for a restaurant operator.