HMRAHousing Market Renewal Area (UK)
HMRAHealth Matching Reimbursement Account (National Prosperity Health Matching Services, Inc.)
HMRAHotel Motel Restaurant Association (Ocean City, MD)
HMRAHierarchical Multiple Regression Analysis
HMRAHazardous Material Reference Application (Canada)
HMRAHyvots & Moredun Residents Association (Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)
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To further explicate the relationship between organizational commitment dimensions and perceived relatedness with continuance intentions, a HMRA was computed in which continuance intention scores served as the criterion variable.
F=omnibus F-statistic [DELTA]F=change in F-values sequentially across models tested in HMRA.
Modern statistical techniques are available that go far beyond what ANOVA, analysis of covariance (ANCOVA), or even HMRA can accomplish in this regard.
Third, MacCallum and Mar (1995) argue that higher degrees of multicollinearity in multiple regression can lead to greater attenuation of effect sizes with quadratic effects than found with simple multiplicative moderator effects in HMRA.
Aiken and West (1991) argue that marketers should consider only the unstandardized regression (b) coefficients in interpreting results of HMRA.
4) The next section presents the results of HMRA analyses in the current research based on the methods explicated in the proposed framework.
Step 5 recommends investigating collinearity diagnostics prior to interpreting the results of HMRA.
HMRA funds can also be used to reduce employee's deductibles and cost-sharing requirements that are imposed by the employer with respect to the HDHP or other group health plan.
The overall cap essentially means that once the cap is reached, the employer will no longer make HMRA contributions with respect to the particular employee until he or she files a claim for medical expense reimbursement.
The HMRA strategy is one that can allow small-business owners to help insure themselves against the risks of offering coverage, while still providing employer-sponsored health benefits to retain and motivate employees.
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