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HMRCHer Majesty's Revenue and Customs (UK)
HMRCHealth Management Research Center (University of Michigan)
HMRCHuman Mobility Research Centre (Queen’s University and Kingston General Hospital partnership; Ontario, Canada)
HMRCHelicopter Multi-Role Computer
HMRCHierarchical Maximal Ratio Combining
HMRCHis Majesty's Royal Communications (Jordan)
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One outfit that desperately needs to shape up is HMRC.
From 18 April 2018 businesses, including the self employed and landlords, will have to update HMRC every quarter where this activity is their main source of income.
A spokesperson for the HMRC said they would try to "reduce the number of possible redundancies" but also suggested the widespread office closures would "allow staff time to make choices for their future.
HMRC have been criticised for not revealing the cost of the case, when hardly any money or assets are recoverable if they win.
Firstly, a new regime for high risk promoters with implications for intermediaries and clients, and secondly a proposal targeting taxpayers who fail to settle with HMRC when HMRC considers that the legal issues in their appeal have been resolved by the courts.
Parents and children have staged protests in recent weeks, while local politicians have been pressuring HMRC to discuss options.
These statistics show a far more aggressive attitude from HMRC and we do urge firms to tread with care," he said.
HMRC had helped to drive down fraudulent activity in tobacco and spirits and was now giving wine and beer the same priority, he added.
To take advantage of this opportunity, a business (or its appointed tax adviser) should first check the guidance available on the HMRC website (www.
The receipt of the first XBRL corporation tax filings by HMRC follows the recommendation of Lord Carter of Coles, leading the review of HMRC's online services, that online tax filings should be extended to cover all UK companies.
Four men and one woman, who were arrested and interviewed by HMRC, were released on bail and a man has been released under investigation.
In 2013, the NAO reported that HMRC had not yet produced a comprehensive plan to respond to the emerging threat to the VAT system posed by online trading.