HMRFHidden Markov Random Field (medical imaging)
HMRFHousing Market Renewal Fund (UK)
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The US Department of Health and Human Services invests $150 million annually in programs that support family formation, marital stability, and parenting skills through the HMRF program.
(33) Earlier evaluations of HMRF programs also showed important positive impacts on relationship quality, co-parenting, child well-being, levels of anxiety and depression, and family stability.
* the Housing Market Renewal Fund (HMRF) pathfinders that are intended to tackle the problems of low demand in selected areas;
The plan consolidates the HMRF's position as the principal tool for tackling low demand in the North and Midlands.
In areas where HMRF pathfinders do not exist, in addition to having access to enhanced Private Finance Initiative funding, social housing landlords will also be able to draw on funds made available through the ALMO process.