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HMRIHunter Medical Research Institute (Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia)
HMRIHuntington Medical Research Institutes (Pasadena, CA)
HMRIHer Majesty's Railway Inspectorate
HMRIHousing Market Renewal Initiative (UK)
HMRIHospital Medical Records Institute
HMRIHyundai Maritime Research Institute
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"With the collapse of the HMRI, we think that the council may want to 'gift' the houses, or sell them very cheaply, to someone who can come in and fix them up.
The 10 regions covered by HMRI contained 864,000 homes and nearly two million residents.
They have been in possession of what is only a two-page report for over four years, but for some reason they won't pass it on to HMRI. I think they consider it's too small a matter in their great scheme of things, but for people in the Belford area it is a big issue.
"I may point out that HMRI is not only the regulatory safety authority for the Metro but also has powers to prosecute.
This strategy was developed over two years through painstaking consultation with industry experts and Her Majesty's Railway Inspectorate (HMRI) in England.
Dr Sefton said, 'In practical terms, HMRI and the industry are focusing on those risks that could lead to a catastrophic event such as a collision or derailment.'
For some years it has been taken for granted that the key regulatory body, Her Majesty's Rail Inspectorate (HMRI), did not favour bike carriage, but HMRI, which is revising its guidance in relation to cyclists, has now made clear that it has no objection in principle, thus leaving the decision to operators.
We obtained hospital discharge data from the Hospital Medical Records Institute (HMRI) database.
But a spokeswoman said funds had been set aside for the extension - which HMRI is expected to demand through an enforcement action once the station is open.
A Railtrack spokesman said: "Unless HMRI give the go-ahead, the station will never open.
He also found a "significant deficiencies" in HMRI and proposed taxing railway operators to fund the new safety body.
Lauderdale, FL; 954-584-0300) stated that a second class action lawsuit has been filed challenging the Stipulation and Agreement that Andrx entered into with Hoechst Marion Roussel (Kansas City, MO) and Carderm Capital LP (collectively, HMRI) related to their pending patent infringement litigation.