HMRPHome Recipe
HMRPHighest Mean Resting Pressure (anal canal)
HMRPHurricane Microseismic Research Problem (aerology)
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In the first phase, HMRP forms hierarchical relations by broadcasting a network construction packet (NCP) to all its neighbors.
The main advantage of HMRP is that the sensor node needs only to know to which parent node to transfer, without maintaining the whole path information.
PBDS QBDS EBDS HBDS * APTEEN 9% * TRDD * LEACH * CAEE 9% * DD 43% * SAFE * SMPDC * DEEP] * DCAST * CODE * TTDD * EGDD * PDDD * TEEN 39% * PEGASIS * SEER * EAP * SPEED * MMSPEED * SAR * HMRP Note: Table made from pie chart.
An official announcement would be made by the HMRP after taking approval from chief minister K.
The HMRP projects will only achieve their maximum effectiveness if they are developed within the framework of comprehensive regional strategies.
The aim of the HMRP projects is to draw up strategies for restoring sustainable communities in these areas so that they again become places in which people have jobs and want to live.