HMRSHealthy Meals Resource System (USDA)
HMRSHistorical Model Railway Society (Britain)
HMRSProton Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (aka Hydrogen Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy)
HMRSHawk Mountain Ranger School (Pennsylvania Wing Civil Air Patrol)
HMRSHull Miniature Railway Society (UK)
HMRSHuman Resource Management System
HMRSHigh Mobility Rocket System
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The main steps are as follows: getting the HMR (hypomethylated regions and hypermethylated regions) region; calculating the differential methylation score of each locus; and obtaining the DMRs.
Under the HMRs, a person must develop and adhere to a security plan when that person transports or offers for transport hazardous material in commerce.
Hierarchical multiple regression (HMR) was used to identify the amount of variation in hospital direct costs explained by nursing interventions, with a significance level of p<0.05.
Four variables were used in the analysis of age-specific HMRs: 1) homicide death count, the outcome variable, and three predictor variables: age group, population estimate (denominator, or offset term) and year (2000-2009).
Hence, in this approach the accuracy of the stored information and the quality of the relay node selection are directly proportional to the hello messages rate (HMR).
Throughout the past decade, Home Meal Replacement (HMR) has developed into a leading trend in the food service and grocery industries (Quested, Cook, Gorris, & Cole, 2010).
Yet another of the team's unexpected findings concerns the position of HMRs relative to know genie regions.
If you transport hazmat, you know that the hazardous materials regulations (HMRs) are full of exemptions and changes in the blink of an eye!
This issue includes: (1) Materials Developed by States; (2) USDA Team Nutrition's New Publications; and (3) News from the Healthy Meals Resource System (HMRS).
* Review all EI requests, BTRs PQDRs, TPDRs, ADRs, HMRs, EMRs, and CODRs to ensure they are accurate, clear and concise, before submission via the NAMDRP website (