HMSAHawaii Medical Service Association
HMSAHypermobility Syndrome Association
HMSAHitachi Medical Systems America, Inc.
HMSAHealth Manpower Shortage Area
HMSAHealth Management Systems of America
HMSAHmong Minnesota Student Association
HMSAHumane Methods of Slaughter Act of 1958
HMSAHouston Masters Sports Association (Texas)
HMSAHumanities and Social Sciences
HMSAHistoric Motor Sport Association
HMSAHardware Manufacturers' Statistical Association
HMSAHalo Messenger Subscription Aware
HMSAHazardous Materials Site Assessment
HMSAHealthcare Manpower Shortage Area
HMSAHomewood Maitland Safety Association (Toronto, ON, Canada)
HMSAHawk Mountain Sanctuary Association
HMSASeaman Apprentice, Hospital Corpsman Striker (USN/USNR Rating)
HMSAHazardous Material Storage Area
HMSAHot Mix Sand Asphalt
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For example, binding but nonneutralizing antibodies detected by binding-based methods only, such as HMSA, may be transient or have no impact on treatment response (59) because they do not directly interfere with the biological activity of the drug in vivo.
In addition to exceptional equipment, HMSA is known for its comprehensive customer support programs to maximize the lifecycle value of equipment through responsive service maintenance, significant software upgrades and on-going applications support.
See also: View: Sticker shock in preview of Obamacare rate hikes HMSA had a 50 percent share of Hawaii's individual market in 2013, the latest year for which complete figures are available, and a 48 percent share of the state's small-group market, according to data from the Henry J.
The other thing we did, in the fall of 2011, HMSA started their patient-centered medical home (PCMH) program for primary care physicians.
Each hospital could address up to two quality issues of its own choosing plus one that addresses clinical issues prescribed by HMSA.
In the first year alone, the program aims to have quality-based reimbursement comprise 5 to 7 percent of all payments to health care providers, Hilton Raethel, senior vice president of HMSA, said at a recent press conference.
172) Enforcement of the HMSA often overlaps enforcement of federal food safety regulations, both of which are regulated by FSIS.
Second, FSIS cannot fully identify trends in its inspection funding and staffing for HMSA, in part because it cannot track HMSA inspection funds separately from the inspection funds spent on food safety activities.
Stollar, quoted in the March edition of Managed Care magazine, outlines the process: "To arrange a visit, all a person has to do is go online at HMSA and enroll, just as one would do when signing up for an eBay or Amazon account.
In 1998, HMSA launched a physician incentive program to encourage the delivery of high-quality and cost-effective medical care to the health plan's PPO members.
The 1978 amendment to the HMSA did not change the definition of humane methods, but it made the use of such methods mandatory for all federally-inspected slaughterhouses, that is, for all slaughterhouses engaged in interstate commerce.
HMSA senior vice president Cliff Cisco, who spearheaded the establishment of HUP with the initial three-year funding from HMSA Foundation, would like to see community dialogue on this pool proposal, with the goal of reducing the state's uninsured.