HMSCHatfield Marine Science Center (Oregon State University)
HMSCHuman Mesenchymal Stem Cell
hMSCHigh-Level Message Sequence Chart
HMSCHughes Missile Systems Company
HMSCHuman Marrow Stromal Cell
HMSCHuman Movement Science (university courses)
HMSCHarris-Moran Seed Company
HMSCHis Majesty's Sagbutts and Cornetts (UK)
HMSCHealth Management System Collaborative (New Zealand)
HMSCHealth & Medical Sciences Conference
HMSCHome Mobile Switching Center
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13 June 2011 - S&P on Friday said it had changed to "negative" from "stable" the outlook on HMSC Corp, the holding company of US insurance brokerage Swett & Crawford Group.
1] generation at HMSC under quarantine conditions for 16 mo, and oysters from randomly chosen [G.
The HMSC contract required delivery of 1,172 units by April 1992.
The acquisition is a strategic fit for APHG as HMSC is a joint venture with the Hyundai MultiCAV, a major computer and network electronic manufacturer in Korea.
HMSC is a producer of AMRAAM, Maverick, TOW, Stinger and Sparrow.
For the first time, consumers will be able to obtain an accurate measurement of their heart disease risk in a matter of minutes, at a convenient location, and have the added value of on-site counseling provided by trained HMSC screeners.
RAM is a lightweight, quick-reaction, ship self-defense missile system developed and produced cooperatively by the United States and Germany through HMSC and RAMSYS, a consortium of German companies.
This award represents a significant international sale for HMSC and re-establishes Stinger-RMP all-up-round production for a substantial period of time," said Bill Leonard, director, Tactical Systems Product Line.
As silk-fibroin protein-HA composite materials have demonstrated improvement in osteoconductive and osteoinductive properties in cell culture and tissue engineering studies, and osteogenic differentiation of hMSCs [8,10,20], we expect the porosity introduced in this study to promote a higher rate of new bone formation.
The alliance aims to provide bioprocess solutions for cell culture of low cost, translation-friendly hMSCs for development of Cell Therapy, Tissue Engineering, Drug Screening, and Regenerative Medicines.
This could change the way hMSCs are cultured for some applications.
This strategic alliance between Pall and RoosterBio aims to provide total bioprocess solutions for cell culture of low cost, translation-friendly hMSCs for development of cell therapy, tissue engineering, drug screening, and regenerative medicine products.