HMSIWHalf-Mode Substrate Integrated Waveguide (physics)
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According to this diagram, the cutoff frequency of HMSIW is 10.35 GHz.
Figure 7 shows the comparison of [absolute value of [S.sub.11]] for the computed HMSIW, computed SW-HMSIW, and measured SW-HMSIW-fed Yagi antennas.
In this paper, the slow-wave HMSIW with Rogers 4350 substrate has been computed and studied.
However, few works concerned about reconfigurable HMSIW filters due to the difficulty in adding PIN diodes or other components.
In this study, a reconfigurable HMSIW bandpass filter loaded by complementary split-ring resonator with zero ohmic resistance is presented.
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Topology -- (degree) 2.sub.g] *) [27] -- 0.32/0.86 Microstrip -- line [28] -- -- HMSIW -- [29] 2 8.64 Multilayer -- SIW [30] -- 1.95 HMSIW -- [31] -- 0.67 Wilkinson -- coupled-line This work <0.5 1.90 SIW-DGS -- * [[lambda].sub.g] is the guided wavelength of the centre frequency of the passband.
Another symmetrical plane exists along the center of the HMSIW, which can also be equivalently regarded as a fictitious magnetic wall.
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The type of Reduced circuit area cavity compared with SIW cavity HMSIW in [15] 50% DFSIW in [13] 75% FHMSIW in [16] Nearly 75% DFHMSIW in [14] Nearly 87% QFSIW 89%