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HMSOHer/His Majesty's Stationery Office
HMSOHazardous Materials Storage Ordinance
HMSOHawaii Military Surfing Organization (formerly Hawaii Military Surfing Ohana)
HMSOHighline Medical Services Organization (Burien, WA)
HMSOHammarskjold Middle School Orchestra (New Jersey)
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As for Danny, HMSO has given him the opportunity to make some great contacts the average surfer could only dream of making.
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For more information, read the HMSO publication called The Security Service which is available from HMSO outlets and libraries.
Cyclical peaks are characterised by shortages of both skilled labour and plant capacity, but while the percentage of firms reporting shortages of skilled labour far exceeds those reporting plant capacity in the two peaks of the 1970s, this is not true of the 1989 peak, reflecting the fact that the UK economy is more capital constrained today than it was in the 1970s (Driver, 1995; Sentance and Emerson, 1995; HMSO, 1996).
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HMSO publications are listed in their official lists, published on a daily, monthly and annual basis.
For example, Myers Beds becomes Sleepeezee or HMSO becomes Niceday.
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Consumers' Expenditure, Business Monitor MQ24, is published by HMSO, price [pounds]80 net per annum by subscription (Tel: 0171 873 8499).
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