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HMSOHer/His Majesty's Stationery Office
HMSOHazardous Materials Storage Ordinance
HMSOHawaii Military Surfing Organization (formerly Hawaii Military Surfing Ohana)
HMSOHighline Medical Services Organization (Burien, WA)
HMSOHammarskjold Middle School Orchestra (New Jersey)
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'A new initiative will come on stream to allow drug-misusing offenders to be given the choice by the courts, of entering treatment where appropriate, or being denied bail.' (HMSO, 2002:5)
The Health and Safety at Work Act (HMSO 1974) imposes duties on everyone connected with work; employers have a duty to ensure the wellbeing of employees at work, employees have a duty to take reasonable care and manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure that products are safe through design.
"Danny has really found his niche in the ranks of the up-and-coming 'young guns' of the Hawaii Amateur Surfing Association," said Mike Fulcher, President of the Hawaii Military Surfing Ohana (HMSO), a military surfing club in Hawaii.
In the report the team notes that a Department of National Heritage report Investing in children: the future of library services for children and young people (London HMSO 1996) stated that ...
And Belinda has an interesting set of notes on lined paper headed not The White House but HMSO from the time she was having an affair with a man jailed for fraud.
'The story the exhibition tells', Saudi Bank Exhibition - Festival of Britain Guide, London: HMSO, 1951, pp.8-9.
In fact the ISBN number he gave is a commercial number, not an alpha-numeric code that would normally be used by HMSO or the EU.
Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) (1996), Small Firms in Britain, HMSO, London.
Turning to CBA and policy, although some bodies such as House of Lords Select Committees had for some time been putting pressure on government to indicate the costs and benefits of European Directives, the modern period of CBA in British government dates from the late 1980s with the first effective environment `White Paper' (HMSO, 1990).(5) While there had long been pressure to put environmental concerns further up the political agenda, most of the argument has been along traditional conservationist lines.
For more information, read the HMSO publication called The Security Service which is available from HMSO outlets and libraries.
At the level of the whole economy, the government has argued recently in its White Papers (HMSO, 1994, 1995, 1996) that competitiveness refers to the ability of a country to increase the living standards of its citizens.
The five volumes will be published by Her Majesty's Stationary Office on Thursday at pounds 45 for the set and Downing Street predicts: "HMSO may have a bestseller."