HMSSHer Majesty's Secret Servant (James Bond fansite)
HMSSHoughton Mifflin Social Studies (textbook publisher)
HMSSHospital Management Systems Society
HMSSHawaii Marine Science Studies
HMSSHelmet Mounted Sight System
HMSS(His/Her) Majesty's Secret Service
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The GM is loaded in the inner cavities of the HMSs. The loading of GM can reach up to 38wt% in GM/HMS@ZIF due to the big volume of the inner cavity.
Synthesis of the HMSs. Typically, 60 mL of ethanol, 100 mL of [H.sub.2]O, and 2 mL of concentrated ammonia aqueous solution (25 wt% N[H.sub.3]) were added into a 250 mL flask.