HMTDHexamethylenetriperoxidediamine (explosive)
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The explosives charges relate to TATP and HMTD, while the terror charges state the documents were entitled The Improvised Munitions Handbook, Preparatory Manual for Explosives, Home Workshop Explosives and Improvised Primary Explosives.
After authorities asked about his possession of the bomb-making supplies, Russell allegedly said he used to be involved in an engineering club at the University of South Florida back in 2013 and that he utilized the HMTD to "boost homemade rockets" and launch balloons into the air.
He watched videos on how to make HMTD and accessed the Anarchist's Cookbook online.
As a result of the load study of HMTD piston mechanism we received the generalized dependence for friction force calculation in piston pair depending on a coefficient of friction and the geometrical sizes of piston pair.
Some HMTD crystals were also found at the two-bedroom semi-detached house in Blackwood, South Wales, as was an attempt to make a form of plastic explosive.
They were apparently seen going into a house in Sparkbrook, Birmingham, where the materials were being stored and made into HMTD.
To produce HMTD, a 30% [H.sub.2][O.sub.2] in water solution is normally used.
Tannerite has tested its product many times but never combined it with HMTD and did not know what the result would be, Yerger said.
It is alleged HMTD crystals were found in filter paper in the kitchen.
An amount of HMTD was transported by Northumbria Police officers down to Kent where it was analysed, potentially putting the officers at serious risk of harm.
Moinul Abedin had stored enough chemicals at a terraced house in Sparkbrook and a business unit in Tyseley to make bombs using the explosive HMTD. The devices could have maimed or killed large numbers of people if the plot had not been 'nipped in the bud' by the security services.
All are ingredients of HMTD. Five detonators were also discovered.