HMTFHicks, Muse, Tate and Furst Inc. (investing; Dallas, TX)
HMTFHurricane Mesa Test Facility (Goodrich Corporation)
HMTFHost Medical Treatment Facility
HMTFHazardous Materials Transfer Form
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Ensure HMTF funds collected are allocated fully and more equitably by establishing a set-aside for donor ports;
of the HMTF, some policy and lawmakers are urging consideration of
The bill also increased annual target appropriations levels for spending of funds from the HMTF, with full use of HMTF funds by 2025.
For example, the two largest ports in Washington--Seattle and Tacoma--generate, on average, close to 7 percent of the funding for the entire HMTF each year, but each received just over 1 percent of each dollar collected from shippers who pay the HMT in Seattle and Tacoma.
If the transaction went through, HMTF would have gone
The user fee would replace the HMT and the funds in the HMTF would be transferred to the HSF.
For another report of mounted bandits in Tongzhou (who are said to have been mostly imperial soldiers), see HMTF, juan 45, vol.
In the bill, WRRDA has target HMTF expenditures expanding annually so that by 2020 and beyond at least 80 percent of collected funds are allocated for port operations and maintenance.
subfastigiatus collected from different localities of HMTF of Pakistan are almost homologous morphologically.
The HMTF is designed primarily to generate funds for port dredging, but past experience has been that the fund is raided to pay for other purposes.