HMTSHouston Medical Testing Services (Houston, TX)
HMTSHimpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Sipil (Indonesian: Civil Engineering Students)
HMTSHorror Movies That Suck (website)
HMTSHer Majesty's Tuvaluan Ship
HMTSHazardous Material Tracking System
HMTSHuss Maritime Technical Service (Bremen, Germany)
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W HITBY suffered its worst naval disaster when the HMTS Rohilla - a requisitioned liner, converted to a hospital ship - hit treacherous rocks off the town, broke up and started to sink on October 30, 1914.
Just after 0300 hrs on the morning of June 12, 1944, Trentonian rendezvoused with the cable ships HMTS Monarch and HMTS St.
HMTS Monarch was repaired and re-entered service as a cable layer, but she was lost to a mine off Offord Ness in April 1945, with the loss of three of her crew.