HMTVHuman Mammary Tumor Virus
HMTVHarvest Media Television
HMTVHigh Mobility Tactical Vehicle
HMTVHarsh Mistress Television
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HMTV mostly used the quieter visuals with shorter clips of footage with sound-onfilm (SOF) along with anchor's voiceover, while NTV used longer duration clips taken in the middle of protest melees and used high-decibel SOF of shouting and sloganeering.
NTV news carried sound bites from impassioned protestors while HMTV carried more bites from political leaders and leaders of the movement from either side.
HMTV devoted equal time to news and discussion programs (News-32.
HMTV presented only one cartoon-anchored political satire (1.
The discussions, and especially the longer discussion series on HMTV, Dasa Disa, gave uninterrupted time to various voices from different walks of life to articulate their views.
The investigators are now zeroing in on possible means of transmission of HMTV.