HMTVHuman Mammary Tumor Virus
HMTVHarvest Media Television
HMTVHigh Mobility Tactical Vehicle
HMTVHarsh Mistress Television
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Asconsideration for acquisition of Latin American assets may include cash and/or HMTV shares, the failure to increase the amount of allowable foreign ownershipwould limit Hemisphere in its ability to acquire assets owned by foreign partners.
At the Closing Bell on Wall Street Wednesday (1/18), HMTV shares were down 5 cents, to $11.50.
Of the seventeen news channels in Telugu, only HMTV, TNews and V6 are owned/ promoted by entrepreneurs of Telangana origin.
While one channel (NTV, launched in August 2007) has known affiliation with a political formation of Andhra Pradesh, the other (HMTV, launched in February 2009) is not known to have any political affiliation.
* HMTV mostly used the quieter visuals with shorter clips of footage with sound-onfilm (SOF) along with anchor's voiceover, while NTV used longer duration clips taken in the middle of protest melees and used high-decibel SOF of shouting and sloganeering.
* NTV news carried sound bites from impassioned protestors while HMTV carried more bites from political leaders and leaders of the movement from either side.
* HMTV devoted equal time to news and discussion programs (News-32.7% and discussion-37.4%).
* HMTV presented only one cartoon-anchored political satire (1.2%) while NTV had six programs across the two weeks.
Holland and his coinvestigators have shown that HMTV in breast cancer patients is horizontally acquired, not genetically transmitted.
The investigators are now zeroing in on possible means of transmission of HMTV.
(NASDAQ: HMTV), which targets the high growth US Hispanic and Latin American markets with broadcast, cable television and digital content platforms.