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HMUHelp Me Understand
HMUHook Me Up
HMUHold My Unicorn
HMUHanoi Medical University
HMUHardware Mockup
HMUHydromechanical Unit
HMUHeight Monitoring Unit
HMUHarlan Municipal Utilities (Harlan, IA)
HMUHollow Masonry Unit (construction)
HMUHarbin Medical University (China)
HMUHair/Makeup (film production)
HMUHydrogen Manufacturing Unit
HMUHelicopter Maintenance Unit
HMUHit Me Up (phone, text or email me)
HMUHelmet Mounted Unit
HMUHost Manifest Upload (UPS)
HMUHydro-mechanical Metering Unit
HMUHeight Measuring Unit (aircraft)
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The latter is now available on Le jardin de melodies, Harmonia Mundi USA, HMU 907194 and, for me, epitomizes the sound of the complainte.
Hirose Electric has designed the HMU series of MU-type connectors for high-density applications, optical termination equipment, measuring instruments, and optical relay racks.
One of the most arresting is his reading of the Biber sonatas, released in 1994 (Harmonia Mundi HMU 907134.
Robertson and Miller mixed HMU with several other chemicals postulated to be components of the prebiotic soup.
Using multilateration and what the company describes as current technology, the HMU is expected to achieve geometric height measurement accuracies to within 7.
According to the Facebook Blog, in 2009, HMU was virtually unheard of, with just about 20 people posting it a day in May 2009, but by the end of the year, it had risen to 1,600 posts a day, CBS News reported.
Stepping on the HMU causes internal damage to the spline.
Spanish 17th century songs & theatre music (Harmonia Mundi HMU 907022, rec 1990), which includes notes by Stein and splendid recordings of her examples 46, 52 and 55, all by Hidalgo.
failures, scheduling maintenance activities and coordination with the HMU manufacturer