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HMWHigh Molecular Weight
HMWHitachi Magic Wand (massage device)
HMWHomewood (Amtrak station code; Homewood, IL)
HMWHaste Makes Waste
HMWHotline for Migrant Workers (Tel Aviv, Israel)
HMWHelms Mulliss & Wicker (Wilmington, NC)
HMWHealth, Morale, and Welfare (US DoD)
HMWHumboldt Marble Weekend (California)
HMWHolocaust Memorial Week
HMWHigh Maintenance Woman
HMWHazardous Material Warning
HMWHow might we
HMWHealthy Maine Walks
HMWHalleiner Motorenwerke (German; Austrian motorbike manufacturer)
HMWHighly Modular Workplan
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Key words: Glutenin, HMW, LMW, Synthetic hexaploid wheat, Ae.
Thus, APN and/or HMW APN might be useful as early biomarkers of cardiovascular risk in general and atherosclerosis in particular, as well as a possible predictor of adverse cardiovascular events in patients with CAD.
PCR analyses were performed in three steps: (1) modification of single PCR analyses using genomic DNA from wheat cultivars with the known composition of glutenin subunits; (2) development of PCR analysis; and (3) application of the STS-PCR-based method for the identification of HMW glutenin alleles in Polish wheat cultivars.
The terminal functional groups, for example, hydroxyl, carboxyl, or azide groups, of the bis-MPA dendrimers can be easily modified with various types of polymers, enabling a suitable route for the synthesis of sophisticated HMW drug carriers.
In this study, we analysed the levels of total and HMW APN in the plasma of patients with HFRS and found that the degree of elevation in the plasma levels of total and HMW APN differed starting from the onset of fever; then, both peaked in the convalescent phase.
"Studying the ratio of HMW to total adiponectin has become instrumental in better understanding insulin resistance," explains ALPCO's President, Sean Conley.
Methods: In the present study, the prevalence of hmwA, which encodes the HMW adhesin, was determined for a collection of 32 NTHi isolates.
In types 2A, 2B, and PT-VWD, the ability of VWF to agglutinate platelets in the presence of ristocetin is disproportionately decreased owing to the absence of HMW and IMW (2A) or HMW (2B, PT-VWD) multimers, resulting in a markedly decreased VWF:RCo.
HMW designs, creates and reproduces custom and elite lighting, hardware, gates and railings, while Scofield Lighting specialises in the design and marketing of reproductions of lighting fixtures dating from the eighteenth and the nineteenth centuries.
The subunits Ax1 and Ax[2.sup.*] HMW glutenin alleles are in Glu-A1, Bx17 + By18, Bx7 + By8, or By9 are in Glu-1B locus, and Dx5 + Dy10 are in Glu-1D locus, related to baking quality, on the other hand, AxNull, Bx6 + By8, and Dx2 + Dy12 are related to undesirable baking quality [5].
Phthalates represent a broad chemical class that includes both low-molecular-weight (LMW) compounds such as diethyl phthalate (DEP) and relatively high-molecular-weight (HMW) compounds such as diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) and butylbenzyl phthalate (BBzP).
At Glu-B1 locus, 5 different HMW glutenin subunits combinations (17+18, 13+16, 7+9, 7+8, 7) appeared in the Pakistani varieties.