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HMWHigh Molecular Weight
HMWHitachi Magic Wand (massage device)
HMWHomewood (Amtrak station code; Homewood, IL)
HMWHaste Makes Waste
HMWHotline for Migrant Workers (Tel Aviv, Israel)
HMWHelms Mulliss & Wicker (Wilmington, NC)
HMWHealth, Morale, and Welfare (US DoD)
HMWHolocaust Memorial Week
HMWHigh Maintenance Woman
HMWHazardous Material Warning
HMWHow might we
HMWHealthy Maine Walks
HMWHalleiner Motorenwerke (German; Austrian motorbike manufacturer)
HMWHighly Modular Workplan
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Within this context, the aim of this study was to compare serum levels of APN and HMW APN form according to clinical presentation and extent of obstructive CAD.
Studying the ratio of HMW to total adiponectin has become instrumental in better understanding insulin resistance," explains ALPCO's President, Sean Conley.
The HMW adhesins are a family of paralogous proteins encoded by the hmw locus, which is present in two complete copies, hmw1 and hmw2, located discontiguously on the NTHi chromosome (6).
In types 2A, 2B, and PT-VWD, the ability of VWF to agglutinate platelets in the presence of ristocetin is disproportionately decreased owing to the absence of HMW and IMW (2A) or HMW (2B, PT-VWD) multimers, resulting in a markedly decreased VWF:RCo.
As the evidence for a potential role for phthalates in respiratory and allergic outcomes has increased, there is greater interest in HMW phthalates such as DEHP and BBzP, with evidence both from human and animal studies (Dearman et al.
The HMW glutenin subunit quality scores for the cultivars, included in this study, calculated according to Payne et al.
Among them, the HMW multimers are believed the most bioactive forms (Pajvani et al.
tauschii Cosson, the respective C- and D-genome parents of jointed goatgrass (Dubcovsky and Dvorak, 1994) each have a characteristic two-band HMW glutenin pattern (William et al.
Each set has one pair of genes that control HMW glutenins.
com)-- ALPCO recently announced the launch of its new STELLUX[R] Chemiluminescent Total Adiponectin and HMW Adiponectin ELISAs.
Qualitative defects are classified into type 2, with 2A VWD defined by loss of high molecular weight (HMW; largest forms of) VWF, type 2B reflecting hyperadhesive VWF [but phenotypically also presenting loss of HMW VWF, often with (mild) thrombocytopenia], type 2N defined by defective binding to FVIII, and type 2M representing a variety of functional defects.
Significant associations were not identified in any other racial/ethnic subgroup or in the study sample as a whole after controlling for potential confounders, associations were not significant for HMW or DEHP metabolites, and results did not change substantially with sensitivity analysis.