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HMWKHigh Molecular Weight Kininogen (blood clotting factor)
HMWKHessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst (Germany)
HMWKHigh-Molecular-Weight Keratin (kidney cancer indication)
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The immunoprofile is similar to that of conventional adenocarcinoma, with overexpression of [alpha]-methylacyl CoA racemase (AMACR) and absence of basal marker (eg, HMWK, p63, CK 5/6) positivity.
However, in difficult cases, basal cell markers, such as 34[beta]E12 cytokeratin (HMWK) and p63, are usually negative in prostate cancer, whereas prostate-specific antigen (PSA) immunostaining is positive in approximately 90% of prostate cancer cases.
Caption: Figure 8: Diffuse membranous positivity to HMWK 903 immunostain.
Kardiyopulmoner baypas sirasinda kanin endotel ile kapli olmayan yuzeylerle surekli temasi faktor XII, faktor XI, yuksek molekuler agirlikli kininojen (HMWK) ve prekallekrein gibi proteinlerin aktif hale donusmesine sebep olarak koagulasyon zincirinde intrensik yolu aktiflestirir.
This test primarily monitors deficiencies in factors VIII, IX, XI, XII, prekallikrein and high molecular weight kininogen (HMWK).
Jmy mst try hrdr (Jimmy must try harder) Caut ur sn smkg bhnd bke shd (Caught your son smoking behind the bike shed) Rm 4 imprvmnt (room for improvement) B nds mre guidance (Bob needs more guidance) Tude cud be btr (attitude could be better) Bhvr n cls drdful (behaviour in class is dreadful)Ftbl tp nt prt skool uni4m (football top is not part of uniform) Tm kps falin aslp n cls (Tom keeps falling asleep in class) Shws lck rspct 4 tchr (shows lack of respect for teacher) Wndys tp cls (Wendy is top of the class) les tv cud imprv hmwk (Less television could improve standard of homework) ?
To conduct a preliminary test of the theory, we estimated ordinary least squares models predicting six outcomes: Incidence and extent of teasing and verbal harassment by peers (HARASSMENT); Incidence and frequency of students admitting lack of effort on a test or project because they were afraid of what friends might think (NOTRY); Incidence and frequency of students studying together outside school or talking with friends about what was learned in school (STUDY TOGETHER); An index comprised of questions about paying attention in class, contributing to classroom discussion, and not daydreaming (CLASSROOM ENGAGEMENT); Proportion of homework assignments a student completes on average across four core subjects (HMWK COMPLETE); and grade point average on a 4.0 scale.
This paper gives an overview of MediBook, a joint project of the Medical Department of the University GieBen (Germany) and the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at Darmstadt University of Technology (Germany) funded by the Hessian Ministry for Science and Arts (HMWK).
Fibrinogen Vitamin K-dependent Contact Fibrinogen Factor II Factor XII Factor V Factor VII HMWKa Factor VIII Factor IX Prekallikrein (b) Factor XIII Factor X Factor XI (a) HMWK, high-molecular weight kininogen, also known as Fitzgerald factor.