HMWPhigh-molecular-weight protein
HMWPHigh Molecular Weight Peptide
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We calculated the molar sums of individual metabolites (in micromoles per liter) of DEHP because they occur from the same parent phthalate, and also of HMWP and LMWP, as they represent similar sources of exposure and they are moderately to highly correlated ([SIGMA]DEHPm, [SIGMA]HMWPm, and [SIGMA]LMWPm, hereafter) (Valvi et al.
Associations between sums of HMWP or MEHP separately and BMI in children and/or adolescents were positive in a Chinese population (Wang et al.
We found that prenatal HMWP exposure is associated with lower early weight gain in infancy and lower BMI z-scores later in childhood, up to 7 years of age in boys, and some suggestion that HMWP exposure may be associated with higher BMI z-scores in girls.
Exposures to HMWP and LMWP have been associated with increased levels of oxidative stress markers (e.