HMWPEHigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene
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However, significant differences are the intense absorption peak at 908 [cm.sup.-1] and at 1640 [cm.sup.-1] of the untreated HMWPE. These peaks are attributed to vinyl chain ends [27] and are probably a result of either chain transfer that occasionally takes place during Ziegler-Natta polymerization [11] or is an indication that the polymer was produced with Phillips-type catalyst containing chromium oxide [33].
Their HMWPE conveyor system is just one of the design types we are increasingly starting to integrate into our robotic pick and place systems, as it meets food manufacturers stringent hygiene requirements."
The company was previously awarded the Queens Award for Innovation for offering an alternative to conventional stainless steel construction by the use of high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE), being FDA approved for food contact and high care/hygiene applications as well as being robust for heavy-duty systems.
PCW reported PE spot prices as flat to lower and characterized supply as balanced for most grades, except for certain LDPE and HMWPE film resins.
The cable to be treated is 15 kV, 1/0 & #2 al, XLPE and HMWPE cable with concentric neutral.
The one-piece part, 59 X 19 X 3 inches, is vacuum formed of Lustran ABS from Lanxess or HMWPE from Chevron Phillips.
Three grades of linear polyethylene (denoted as HDPE, HMWPE, and UHMWPE for convenience) were used in this study (Table 1).
The company introduced a new vertical 38/29D satellite extruder capable of more than 55 kg/hr (121 lb/hr) of HMWPE at 100 rpm, suitable for the inner and outer layers of trilayer stackable canisters.
Two separate sheets of 1/4-inch HMWPE, supplied by Extrusion Technologies, were used to form the part.
They found that the coalescence rate for the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) was surprisingly higher than for the high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE), although HMWPE has a smaller viscosity than UHMWPE.
The material used was 0.250 HMWPE sheet supplied by Petromont S.E.C.