HMWPEHigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene
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Their HMWPE conveyor system is just one of the design types we are increasingly starting to integrate into our robotic pick and place systems, as it meets food manufacturers stringent hygiene requirements.
With our HMWPE design, the belt runs in the side channels--top and bottom.
The sides of the conveyor are made of HMWPE with stainless steel support frames.
UPM's unique HMWPE design, which was awarded the Queens Award for Innovation, can be interfaced with any type of Cartesian, delta or robotic automation system.
The HMWPE and UHMWPE polymers, however, did retain their integrity above the crystalline melting point because of their high viscosities.
At a BDR of five, the increase in tensile modulus of biaxially oriented UHMWPE-discs was much larger than for HMWPE or HDPE, however, the maximum tensile strength had almost the same value as that of HDPE and HMWPE.
3, 4, and 5, it was concluded that the optimum processing temperatures for HDPE, HMWPE, and UHMWPE were 125 [degrees] C, 140 [degrees] C, and 150 [degrees] C respectively.
2) The HMWPE polymer yielded results similar to those of HDPE for a given value of BDR, but it was possible to produce much greater BDR's because of the lower entanglement density.
3) The UHMWPE produced higher modulus values, but a strength improvement comparable to that found in HDPE and HMWPE at equal BDR's.
They found that the coalescence rate for the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) was surprisingly higher than for the high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE), although HMWPE has a smaller viscosity than UHMWPE.
The main extruder is for HMWPE, and two smaller extruders are for a thin polyamide barrier layer and PE adhesive layers.
Twin-sheet thermoforming, usually with HDPE or HMWPE, generally finds applications for pallets, dunnage, and material handling containers; for panels for equipment enclosures (with materials essentially similar to those used in pressure forming); and for other commercial/industrial applications.