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HN2Hospitalman 2nd Class (US Navy rating)
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Resultados Participantes Cantidad Origen de la Cantidad Tiempo de turnos toma de turnos de en palabras minutos por hablante HNN 19 5 autoseleccion 190 3 14 heteroseleccion HN1 9 7 autoseleeccion 147 1 2 heteroseleccion HN2 20 14 autoseleccion 198 1.
1999), whereas the chemotherapeutic agent HN2 induces immediate and delayed neurotoxicity in humans (Sullivan et al.
Because the majority of neurodevelopmental disorders in children occur during the migration of immature neurons, gene expression profiling was used to identify the specific molecular networks targeted by MAM or the related alkylating agent HN2 in cultures of young postmitotic cerebellar neurons.
Mouse neuronal and astrocyte cell cultures treated with control media or media supplemented with various concentrations of MAM or HN2 were examined for cell viability using the fluorochrome acetoxymethyl ester, as previously described (Kisby et al.
99) of CT-DNA alkylated with MAM or HN2, respectively.
Primary cerebellar neuronal cultures treated for 24 hr with MAM or HN2 were examined for DNA fragmentation using TUNEL with the NeuroTacs staining kit according to the manufacturer's instructions (Trevigen, Gaithersburg, MD).
0 [micro]M HN2 using Tri-Reagent (Molecular Research Corp.
In the present study, our goal was to determine the relationship between the sensitivity of immature postmitotic neurons to MAM or HN2 and their ability to damage DNA.