HN3Hospitalman 3rd Class (US Navy rating)
HN3Tris 2-Chloroethyl Ethylamine (organic compound)
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1B, HN3 and FaDu cells relatively overexpressed constitutively active STAT3 as compared to other tumor cells.
We found that HN3 and FaDu cells clearly induced constitutive STAT3 activation and resveratrol suppressed STAT3 phosphorylation at both tyrosine residue 705 and serine residue 727 in only FaDu cells.
La HN2 en 14 de sus 20 participaciones y el HN3 en 9 de sus 13 intervenciones.
5 6 hereroseleccion HN3 11 9 autoseleccion 139 1 4 heteroseleccion
The closest being the Kliment Vein, 1,000 meters from HN3.
The HN3 core hole still has approximately 50 meters of drilling to reach the underlying granite.