HNBHatton National Bank (Sri Lanka)
HNBHrvatska Narodna Banka (National Bank of Croatia)
HNBHome Node B (wireless communications)
HNBHeat-not-Burn (tobacco products)
HNBHannibal National Bank
HNBHull Networks Box
HNBHomes Not Bombs (Toronto, ON, Canada)
HNBHelmholtz Network for Bioinformatics
HNBHappy Noodle Boy (comic)
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HNB, National Development Bank Commercial and Seylan (non Voting) .
The Ministry of Health and Welfare unveiled a set of smoking deterrence measures, Monday, to replace the current graphic warnings with more "disturbing" ones and providing facts, intended to increase their effectiveness in preventing nicotine consumption including HNB products.
With the two overseas tobacco giants intensifying their e-cigarette market share here, KT and G, the nation's leading tobacco player, last month released its own HNB device, lil, which stands for "a little is a lot." The phrase means the device emits little smoke and smell, but still has a rich flavor.
HNB's National Long-Term Rating is used as the anchor rating for this instrument because the rating reflects the bank's standalone financial strength and best indicates the risk of the bank becoming non-viable.
The sales of HNB cigarettes from January to March recorded 92 million packs, jumping by 33.6 percent from a year earlier.
The affirmation of HNB's IDRs and National Ratings is driven by its Support Rating (SR) and Support Rating Floor (SRF), which reflect Fitch's belief of an extremely high probability of support from the state, given its systemic importance and close ties with the Taiwan government.
Philip Morris, maker of Marlboro cigarettes, was first to start selling HNB products in Japan in 2014.
"Given HNB's extended legacy of facilitating growth and development in the MSME sector, we are conscious of the immense potential and vital need for access to finance.
There is significant pressure on the council's High Needs Block (HNB) budget which funds the residential provision.