HNBHatton National Bank (Sri Lanka)
HNBHrvatska Narodna Banka (National Bank of Croatia)
HNBHome Node B (wireless communications)
HNBHeat-not-Burn (tobacco products)
HNBHannibal National Bank
HNBHull Networks Box
HNBHomes Not Bombs (Toronto, ON, Canada)
HNBHelmholtz Network for Bioinformatics
HNBHappy Noodle Boy (comic)
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The old-style Basel II Sri Lanka rupee-denominated subordinated debt of BOC, CB, HNB, DFCC, NDB, Sampath and Seylan and the Basel III compliant Tier II Sri Lanka rupee-denominated subordinated debt of BOC, Sampath and Seylan are rated one notch below their National Long-Term Ratings to reflect the subordination to senior unsecured creditors.
16) here, but the device is the de facto cheapest HNB option on the Korean market.
There are currently no independent estimates of the number of consumers using HNB tobacco products.
If approved, the global tobacco giant will market the HNB device with partner Altria ((https://www.
As a result, Moody's assigns CR Assessments of Ba3(cr) for both Bank of Ceylon and HNB.
As per the agreement, shareholders will receive consideration worth the HNB tangible book value per share at the consummation of the merger, with more than forty percent contribution in GNB common stock, and less than sixty percent 60 percent in cash.
This will be sponsored by the Citi Foundation and HNB as the local host.
Piyoosh Rautela of the Disaster Mitigation and Management Centre, Uttarakhand secretariat, and MPS Bisht from HNB Garhwal University pointed this out in a communication published in the journal Current Science .
HNB said that it is offering "tailor-made financial solutions and rewards for savings" to Sri Lankan expatriates in the UAE.
The seven-a-side competition, which was organised by Alpha Fire Services Bahrain and co-sponsored by Sri Lankan Airlines, HNB and Red House Marketing, was followed by the presentation ceremony.
For purposes of the BHC Act, the home state of Capital One is Virginia, (5) and HNB is located in Louisiana and Texas.