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There are a lot of variants of it: Heterogenous Network-Based Inference (HNBI) [16] initiates the resource distribution heterogeneously; Redundant Eliminated Network-Based Inference (RENBI) [23] eliminates redundant correlations by considering high order correlations between objects; Corrected Similarity-based Inference (CSI) [24] combines the forward and backward diffusion to correct similarity estimation deviation and so forth.
For fair comparison with parameter-free algorithms, the corresponding parameters which achieve the lowest ranking score are chosen with resolution of 0.01 ([[beta].sub.opt] = -0.86 for HNBI, [[alpha].sub.opt] = -0.76 for RENBI, [[beta].sub.opt] = -0.83 for PD, and [[alpha].sub.opt] = -0.85 and [[beta].sub.opt] = -0.55 for SED in MovieLens; [[beta].sub.opt] = -0.08 for HNBI, [[alpha].sub.opt] = -0.53 for RENBI, [[beta].sub.opt] = -0.62 for PD, and [[alpha].sub.opt] = -0.89 and [[beta].sub.opt] = -0.36 for SED in Amazon; and [[beta].sub.opt] = -0.77 for HNBI, [[alpha].sub.opt] = -0.67 for RENBI, [[beta].sub.opt] = -0.77 for PD, and [[alpha].sub.opt] = -0.69 and [[beta].sub.opt] = -0.67 for SED in RYM).
Meaning Romani Dardic MIA OIA armpit khak khacal (32) kakkha- kaksa kaccha smell khand ghond (33) gandha- gandha sreanant khabni hnbi (34) gabbhini- garbhini to weave khuvel ghum (35) gu(b)hai guphati gumphati tongue chib zhip (36) jibbha- jihva month chon jhun (37) jonha- jyotsna moon chomut and thaj the (38) *tahavi tathapi (molar), beard thar d'ari (39) datha- damstra dhai (40) dhari (41) wing phak phasi el (42) pakkha- paksa phacali (43) (<*pach) 'phaci (44) phakhru (45) to bind phandel bhonik (46) bandhati bandhati to ask phucel phucik (47) pucchati prcchati Note: Romani khul 'excrement' is < OIA gatha- 'excrement' (4225) and there are a few NIA cases with fronting as in Lahnda ghu and Oriya ghua both 'excrement'.