HNCAHead and Neck Carcinoma (cancer)
HNCAHead of News and Current Affairs
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The patients, age ranging from 20-70 years were clinically diagnosed and HNCA confirmed after histopathological examination.
In India, HNCA is a major health problem, accounting for 30-40% cancers at all sites with its incidence in North-Eastern India at 54.
using Ficoll-Hypaque gradient analysed the correlation of (WBC) count and the percentage of lymphoid cells in HNCA.
Anaemia is known to influence prognosis of HNCA patients, but how anaemia and epithelial precursor lesions influences each other is not clear.
It read, "As foreseen in the cooperation agreement between Cargolux and its shareholder, HNCA, a feasibility study for the set-up of a joint-venture cargo airline, based in Zhengzhou, is currently undertaken.
The firm said that the armada of AviaAM Leasing and HNCA joint venture will add both newly constructed and mid-life (second lease period) Boeing 737 NG and Airbus A320ceo airplanes.
Which has led to some suggestions that as HNCA was the only real game in town, it was able to push through a deal from which it gains greatly and which Cargolux benefits little.
To achieve that objective, it is claimed, that HNCA wanted Cargolux to position at least one-third of its fleet, around six aircraft, at the China gateway.
Despite only being a minority stakeholder in the Luxembourg carrier, HNCA appears to have secured blocking rights on the Cargolux Board, allowing it to veto any business decisions not to its liking.
HNCA is focused on the development of the civil aviation industry.
The Government had revealed in September that four bidders were in fray for the 35% Cargolux stake, including HNCA.
The agreement was sanctioned for selling its 35% stake in the airline to HNCA, pending approval by Chinese authorities.