HNECHouston North Emmaus Community
HNECHeure Normale de l'Europe Centrale (Central European Time)
HNEChuman nasal epithelial cell
HNECHoly Nativity Episcopal Church
HNECHanford Nuclear Energy Center
HNECWilliam J Harrison Northside Education Center
HNECHawaiki Nui Entertainment Company (Hawaii)
HNECHenkel and Neuman Ecological Consulting
HNECHuman and Natural Environmental Concerns
HNEChighest no effect concentration
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IFES organized three roundtables with Libyan judges and members of the HNEC legal department in order to analyze the electoral law and to prepare analytical studies on other regional electoral frameworks.
Officials at HNEC are hopeful the new system will continue to gain momentum and that thousands more will sign up in the next year.
Base Geochemical US DOE (c) metals Background Shale Continental TEC PEC HNEC standard (a) crust (b) Cr 90 100 56 159 312 Ni 68 75 39.
Polling and counting will be conducted in more than 1,500 election centers across the country, while tabulation and announcement of the results will take place at the central HNEC office in Tripoli.
Meanwhile, the HNEC has so far approved the acceptance of 2955 local elections monitors and accredited 173 local media outlet as well as 37 international media organizations.
Nuri Al-Abbar, on his part, said that India was the only country with which HNEC had a MoU for cooperation in the field of elections and was appreciative of the Indian democratic process.
While tabulation continues, The Carter Centre encourages Libyans to be patient for the HNEC to release preliminary results.
A week after Libya took to the polls, to elect a National Assembly, the Higher National Election Commission, HNEC, says it is recounting votes from parts of the eastern city of Benghazi and tallying ballots from abroad.
Council members also commended the Libyan authorities - particularly the High National Electoral Commission HNEC, of Libya, domestic observers and all others involved - for the well-conducted preparations and management of elections on the day.
After a largely peaceful vote over the weekend to elect the country's national assembly, the counting of votes continued overnight at the High National Electoral Commission's headquarters in Libya, and despite speculation about possible overall winners of the country's vote, the people who took part in the the first election for 60 years are eagerly awaiting the official results, that, according to sources close to the HNEC, may not be published before the weekend.
The High National Election Commission, HNEC, has really done a remarkable job," Mr Bick said.
The Higher National Electoral Commission, HNEC has not given a date for the final results.