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HNFHanford (Amtrak station code; Hanford, CA)
HNFhepatocyte nuclear factor
HNFHigh Performance Networking Forum
HNFHeinz Nixdorf Museumsforum (Paderborn, Germany)
HNFHokkaido National Fisheries Research Institute (Japan)
HNFHelena National Forest (Montana)
HNFHead Normal Form (lambda calculus)
HNFHereditary Nephritis Foundation
HNFHelmut Newton Foundation (Germany)
HNFHead, Neck and Face
HNFHost Nation Forces
HNFHistoric Naval Fiction (website)
HNFHIPPI Network Forum
HNFHealth News Florida, Inc. (not-for-profit health journal; est. 2007; formerly Florida Health News, Inc; St. Petersburg, FL)
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The event itself was hosted by Mr Tahir Ali Shah followed by ribbon cutting ceremony by The Chairman of HNF and Chief Guests.
HNF and FSIL were far from the only medical or nonprofit entities to provide relief to Haitians in the aftermath of the earthquake.
A large proportion of the bacterioplanktonic production is believed to be removed by predation by HNF and occasionally ciliated protozoa or mixotrophic algae (Sherr et al.
The rate of capture per net night was greater than in northern Indiana, but similar to that in HNF (Table 3).
The first species of Pseudotremia discovered in the HNF was found in two caves at the Hemlock Cliffs Special Area on the Little Blue River drainage (Lewis 1998) and subsequently described as P.
The new research facility will be used to build the spatial prerequisites for application-oriented research in the area of medical technology with an HNF of approx.
1 500 m2 HNF verfgen und dreigeschossig an den Bestand angebunden werden.