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HNFHanford (Amtrak station code; Hanford, CA)
HNFhepatocyte nuclear factor
HNFHigh Performance Networking Forum
HNFHeinz Nixdorf Museumsforum (Paderborn, Germany)
HNFHokkaido National Fisheries Research Institute (Japan)
HNFHelena National Forest (Montana)
HNFHighgate Neighbourhood Forum (London; UK)
HNFHead Normal Form (lambda calculus)
HNFHereditary Nephritis Foundation
HNFHelmut Newton Foundation (Germany)
HNFHead, Neck and Face
HNFHost Nation Forces
HNFHistoric Naval Fiction (website)
HNFHIPPI Network Forum
HNFHealth News Florida, Inc. (not-for-profit health journal; est. 2007; formerly Florida Health News, Inc; St. Petersburg, FL)
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Last year, the HNF once again met its advertising quota and that wouldn't be possible without the trust and support of our advertisers.
The event itself was hosted by Mr Tahir Ali Shah followed by ribbon cutting ceremony by The Chairman of HNF and Chief Guests.
Annie Baig wrote: "I agree with you Nadiya Hnf. Parents did not call all this time to inquire about their child."
As HNF possuem elevado peso molecular (em media 15.000 Da) e nao atravessam a barreira placentaria.
The average density of heterotrophic nanoflagellates (HNF) was 1.3 x 103 cells [mL.sup.-1], and the maximum (2.7 x [10.sup.3] cells [mL.sup.-1]) occurred in P2 in November and the minimum in P1 in May (0.8 x [10.sup.3] cells [mL.sup.-1]) (see Figure 3b).
Ecological studies of HNF have shown that, among biotic control factors, bottom-up effects caused by changes in food quantity and quality (SAMUELSSON et al., 2006), as well as top-down effects (BURNS; SCHALLENBERGER, 1998) are most relevant to the structure of HNF communities.
The major consumers of bacteria are protists like heterotrophic nanoflagellates (HNF) and ciliates, but metazoans like rotifers and cladocerans may also feed on bacteria.
Species diversities were similar to those in HNF: 3.4 in 1990 and 3.5 in 1998, and 4.6 collectively (Brack et al.
The first species of Pseudotremia discovered in the HNF was found in two caves at the Hemlock Cliffs Special Area on the Little Blue River drainage (Lewis 1998) and subsequently described as P.