HNF4Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor 4 (protein)
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The expression of the HNF4 was negligible in the HWJMSCs cultured in all conditions; however, the cells cultured on 2D collagen film showed a non-significant increase in HNF4 expression compared to those cultured in conventional monolayer or 3D collagen scaffold (Figure 4).
11) HNF4 can be considered as a gene with pivotal role in hepatocyte differentiation.
The real time RT-PCR detected a low level of the expression of HNF4 by HWJMSCs cultured on 2D collagen films.
However, the data from current study showed culturing the naive HWJMSCs in the presence of collagen led to a significant increase in some liver-specific markers, claudin but not CKs, albumin, AFP or HNF4.
Mature-Onset Diabetes Mellitus in Youth (MODY) and other forms of Diabetes have been genetically linked to the HNF4 gene.
Efficient generation of functional hepatocytes from human embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells by HNF4 [alpha] transduction.