HNF4AHepatocyte Nuclear Factor-4 Alpha
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3 Disease region/gene Chromosome Insulin secretion defect MODY HNF4A 20q13.
Four genes namely LAMB1, CDH1, CDH3 and HNF4A play vital roles in keeping the intestine lining healthy.
Maturity-onset diabetes of the young (MODY) Tipe Mutation How common MODY 1 HNF4A Hepatocyte Rare nuclear factor 4 [alpha] MODY 2 GCK Glucokinase MODY 2 is the second-most common form of MODY MODY 3 TCF1 Hepatic nuclear Rare factor 1 [alpha] or HNF1 [alpha] or HNF1A MODY 3 is the most common form of MODY.