HNHHuman Nutrition and Health (various organizations)
HNHHope Not Hate (UK)
HNHHoonah, AK, USA (Airport Code)
HNHHoly Name Hospital (Teaneck, NJ)
HNHHealthy New Hampshire Foundation (medical coverage; Concord, NH)
HNHHisNameHigh (band)
HNHHydrophobic Neighboring Homology
HNHHepatic Nodular Hyperplasia
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"Invest NI's support has been essential to help us mitigate risk and enable us to quickly put resources in place to manage growth and advance us towards our goal of substantially increasing sales outside Northern Ireland." Invest NI has offered HNH Partners an Employment Grant of PS96,000 and two Management Salary grants totalling PS48,000.
During the R-loop extension, sgRNA guide sequence complementarity with the target site of DNA strand leads to allosteric activation of HNH and Ruvc nuclease domains that results in the cleavage of the target dsDNA [61].
The NUC lobe includes the nuclease domains RuvCs, HNH, and also the C-terminal domain (CTD).
Hope Not Hate (HnH) run a well-constructed website, (49) produce a regular journal, (50) and also run educational community campaigns against racism, fascism and right wing nationalists like UKIP.
Single nucleotide mutation in two domains (RuvC, HNH) of Cas9 transforms it into Cas9 nickase [5, 9].
(NASDAQ: HNH) has delivered a revised non-binding proposal to acquire all outstanding shares of common stock of the company.
However, she argues, there are a number of instances where the interrogative {h} is not separated from the negative particle and fronted according to the example cited above, but halo'} in its entirety is fronted, reflecting the syntax of clausal adverbs (e.g., hnh, hn, 'l kn, etc.).
As Chawla points out, "The Kotak Wealth Management Report 2013 points out that 46 per cent of HNH customers in India live in Tier- II and Tier- III cities.
| Portal Financial Planning Ltd, listed building consent for new non-illuminated sign (conservation area), HNH Financial Services Ltd, 10 New North Parade, Huddersfield.
(NASDAQ: HNH), a diversified global industrial company, which together with certain affiliates owns approximately 14.3 percent of the outstanding shares of ModusLink Global Solutions Inc (NASDAQ: MLNK), has issued a letter requesting an exemption under ModusLink's tax benefits preservation plan, and a limited waiver under Section 203 of the Delaware General Corporation Law.
The Holy Name Hospital (HNH) Regional Dialysis Center in Teaneck, New Jersey, provides hemodialysis to 212 adult patients with end stage renal disease (ESRD) weekly.