HNHMHungarian Natural History Museum (Budapest, Hungary)
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In fact, she said, the HSNH trustees held their January board meeting in Manchester, during which time they expressed support for HNHM's efforts to expand its offerings, and said that obtaining additional space for the school is a board priority.
Mounted on card, intact, 1 [female] MMBC; 1 [female], HNHM. "INDIA S Tamil Nadu, Nilgiris\15 km SE of Kotagiri, 900 m\Kunchappanai, 11[degrees]22'N, 76[degrees]56'E\P.
Zicsi (HNHM, abdomen and genitalia prepared and preserved in glycerol in a plastic microvial).
Paratypes: 2[female] 10[male] same data as for holotype (1[female] 5[male] ISB, 1[female] 5[male] HNHM).
Paratypes: All with same data as holotype: 1[female] 1[male] 1 nymph (NHMG, in alcohol); 2[female] 3[male] 1 nymph (HNHM, in alcohol); 1[female] (HNHM, on slide).
42 (HNHM); 1[male] Majuba Area, 27[degrees]28.6'S 29[degrees]49.1'E, 1700 m, 29.U998, S.
Paratypes: Same data as holotype (HNHM AF/5514 1 ex., ZMUA-030 3 ex.).