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Our preliminary in vitro study showed one of alkaloids, homonojirimycin (HNJ, the chemical structure of which is shown in Fig.
x 250 mm; eluent: 80% acetonitrile; flow rate: 1.5 ml/min; UV detector: 200 nm), producing compound 1 (550 mg), which was elucidated as HNJ by spectroscopic analyses and comparison with those published previously (Bae et al.
decoupled our module from the EDS implementation," said NAPS sales and marketing vice president Paul Norton, referring to development of the HNJ Engine for EDS's work for Dow Jones & Co.
HNJ has now aimed its focus at teaching the younger generation by connecting with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, public schools and youth programs.
26: HNJ Tournanic Finale at Columbus Park, Piscataway, N.J.
HNJ Group, Johnny Yau, Chairman, 972-550-0288, 972-550-0288, p.