HNMKHiiumaa Noorte Meeste Koor (men's choir; Estonia)
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where [H.sup.n.sub.m,k] is an NR XNT channel matrix whose element Hnmk (i, j) denotes the channel coefficient between the jth antenna of TP m and the ith antenna of UE k on the nth RB; [w.sup.n.sub.m] ([([w.sup.n.sub.m]).sup.H] [w.sup.n.sub.m] = 1) is the [N.sub.T] X 1 dimension precoding vector which maps data stream [s.sup.n.sub.m] (E[[absolute value of ([s.sup.n.sub.m])] = 1) onto the transmission antennas of TP m; [p.sup.n.sub.m] is the power used by TP m for transmission on nth RB; [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is the corresponding complex Gaussian noise vector; [PI]\{m} represents a subset of n without the element m.