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Hybrid neural model (HNM) predictions are given as a combination of both theoretical and "pure" neural network approach, together concurring at the obtainment of system responses.
Two experimental protocols were set up to collect the experimental data necessary to develop the present HNM and ANN models aimed at characterizing the transesterification of glycerides and the anaerobic codigestion process, respectively.
The exploited methodology made use of advanced computational models, based on artificial neural networks, properly integrated with the already-proposed kinetic mechanism so as to formulate an overall hybrid neural model (HNM), which was expected to provide more reliable predictions of the actual time-evolutions of substrate(s) and product(s) concentrations involved in the biocatalytic transesterification process.
[23] reported that degradation pathways initiated by heterolytic cleavage and homolytic cleavage of C-X bond or C-N bond in HNMs by UV photolysis were proposed.