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11) Similarly, Stanislav Segert translates hn as 'behold, lo', but also notes that hn "and its derivatives hnn, hnny, and hi (and perhaps him) usually occur at the beginning of a clause," categorizing hn- and hl- together at least on the syntactical level.
There were a total of 180 trials with 30 trials each for the HNN, NSN, NNA triads and 90 trials for the NNN triads.
Optimal routing in communication network may be considered as the SP problem and can be resolved by HNN.
It was found that the HNN segmentation results are more accurate and reliable than FCM clustering in all cases.
According to a study carried out by HNN in 2004, HBWs work up to eight hours daily for only Rs.
HNN reported Sunday evening that he is a Syrian soldier and that he was apprehended by members of the United Nations force stationed along the Israel-Syria border and transferred to Syrian authorities for interrogation.
Thi HNN (1998) Effect of Sesbania grandiflora, Leucaena leucocephala, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis and Ceiba pentadra on intake, digestion and rumen environment of growing goats.
However, the research work done by others only utilized implementation of HNN model as state estimator or as part of their control system.
Segmentation with a HNN achieves good results in terms of the correct segmented objects.
Como tales no son exclusivas de los HNN, todo lo contrario, y pueden ser corregidas por el hablante.
HNN is connected worldwide with 800 overseas destinations through 290 regular lines in Antwerp and with 200 ports through 51 lines at Zeebruges.
check] Cuando el hablante nativo (HN) percibe que pertenece a una clase social alta, superior a la del HNN.