HNOHals-Nasen-Ohren Heilkunde (German: throat, nose and ear medicine)
HNOHals Nasen Ohrenheilkunde
HNOHost Network Operator
HNOHarvard News Office
HNOHelvetica Narrow Oblique (font)
HNOHungarian National Observatory
HNOHouston-New Orleans, Inc. (Houston, TX)
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This study enrolled 212 patients with a total of 309 with HN, including 111 with HNO and 101 with HNV.
No significant difference was found regarding the presence of a provoking factor for the onset of HN between the HNO and HNV groups ( P = 0.
Table 2] shows the results of univariate logistic regression analysis of the demographic and clinical characteristics between HNO and HNV patients.
KP and multiple HN were significantly more frequently observed in HNV patients than those in HNO patients ( OR = 11.
6% (181/309) of all lesions and affecting 91 HNO patients and 58 HNV patients [Figure 1].
8] we found that the average onset of HN was significantly lower in HNV patients than that in HNO patients.
So, this is an era where we are looking at 2018 as a year where we will be deploying technology in all facets of our operations, not just in conducting examination, processing of results and printing of certificates but in all areas of our operations,' the HNO said.