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HNO3Nitric Acid (chemistry)
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For the analysis of digested compost samples and target with ICP-MS, 5 mL of each one was diluted to 50 mL with HNO3 (1%).
Furthermore, a blank sample was also prepared simultaneously by transferring 10 mL of concentrated HNO3 acid to one of the empty microwave vessels and placed it in the microwave system after it was sealed tightly.
1993) : "Transformations, lifetimes, and sources of NO2, HONO, and HNO3 in indoor environments".
Concentrated HNO3 (5 ml) of was included and kept in treater digester for 60 minutes at 70oC.
After this all the soil was cooled and added 1ml HNO3 along with 4ml HClo4 and then again heated between temperatures 200oC - 2100C to dry it with funnel condenser.
fast piece test extraction from electrolytic bath, drying and metallographic attack with 2,3% HNO3 to distinguish the microscopically structure of that;
2ml, - erm standard cz 100, - erm standard cz 120, - erm standard certified, - icp single element standard silicon 1 000 mg / l in water, - icp multiple element standard vi for icp-ms (30 elements in dilute hno3), - icp multi element standard solution xiii, 15 elements in 5% hno3, - icp standard iron; 1 000 mg fe / l in 2-3% hno3, - icp standard antimony; 1 000 mg / l in% hydrochloric acid; Traceable on srm and nis, - icp standard lutetium; 1 000 mg / l lu in dil.
1 g) were steeped in 65% (v/v) HNO3 for 6 h then digested three times with 65% (v/v) HNO3 at 120degC, and the extracts used to determine the content of mineral elements.