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HNO3Nitric Acid (chemistry)
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The selected grains were washed in 4N and then 7N HNO3 and loaded into Teflon bombs with HF and a measured amount of [sup.
These worms were fixed in situ within the shell in 4 % seawater formalin, stored in 70 % ethanol and removed by dissolving the shell in 5 % HNO3 in 70 % ethanol.
A study into the solubility and dissolution profile of caffeine in water, acetic acid/acetate buffer, HCl, HNO3 and NaOH solutions of various concentrations was conducted.
The etching was performed in nital (10 % nitric acid HNO3 in ethanol) to reveal the base material microstructure without effecting the polished Ni-Cr-B-Si coating microstructure.
Prior to the analysis, the interface was polished with the diamond paste and finally etched in a nitric acid solution (5% HNO3 + 2% HCl + 93% methanol) for 2-4 s.
Subsamples of the ground shoot (200mg) and root (100mg) were digested in a mixture of concentrated HNO3 and HclO4 (4:1 by volume) and the As, Cr and Cu in the digested solutions were determined by AAS.
HNO3 was added to aliquots of the sample and standards (0.
Composition of the acid descaling solution and electrolyte formulation are 3ml HF, 20ml HNO3 and rest deionised water to make it 100ml.