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HNPHealth, Nutrition and Population
HNPHaitian National Police (est. 1995)
HNPHerniated Nucleus Pulposus
HNPHost Negotiation Protocol
HNPHustai National Park (Netherlands)
HNPHorizon Nuclear Power (UK)
HNPHernia Nuclei Pulposi (Medicine)
HNPHerstigte Nasionale Party van Suid-Afrika
HNPHerenigde Nasionale Party
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Alvarez said that HNP does not have the approval of the President, so whoever is going with HNP is opposition.
Ang sinabi nya na (What he said was) because HNP does not have the approval of President, whoever joins HNP is opposition.
Reports of misconduct and participation in the drug trade by some HNP officers are investigated by the HNP's Inspector General's office.
In this report, the increased disc space might have resulted in improvements in the clinical findings and resorption of HNP.
HNP is known for its innovative approach, having launched the original parcel letterbox which can accommodate multiple post and parcel deliveries.
Alternatively, an active ankle component could be incorporated into the HNP to provide plantar flexion assistance for push off.
Moreover, we also examined the potentiometric titrations of the synthesized compounds 3a-i with TBAH in four non-aqueous solvents (isopropyl alcohol, t-butyl alcohol, N,N- dimethylformamide, acetonitrile) to determine the corresponding HNP and the corresponding pKa values.
The HNP 115588 pump is designed to deliver smooth, precise pulse-less flows (CV < 1% at low volumes) at high differential pressures up to 60 Bar and is ideally suited to critical fluids handling applications.
HNP, formerly part of the Timpson''s business empire with its 800 high street shops and an annual turnover of more than pounds 150 million, is now owned and run by directors Tina Smith and Kathryn Terry.
Por otro lado, la disposicion anatomica final del dispositivo permite abordar el canal raquideo a futuro si fuera necesario, sin requerir su extraccion (recidiva precoz de HNP hacia extraforaminal en L3-L4).
The newspapers that still provide annual updates in HNP tend to be the so-called national newspapers, the papers that sell outside of their regions in both print and with ProQuest HNP digital subscriptions.
In 2004, the current HNP was awarded this degree in the clinical specialisation of hepatology and was registered by the NBWA as a nurse practitioner.