HNPSHigh Nitrogen Pressure Solution
HNPSHumanists of North Puget Sound (Washington)
HNPSHealth, Nutrition and Population Sector Programme (also seen as HNPSP; Bangladesh)
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The lowland settlements and the lowland pastures of the landless mobile herders in the HNPS lie in the Haripur District (Fig.
In parallel, we observed increase in neutrophils which is a major source of HNPs. There was no difference in the concentrations of HNP-2.
(7) Calcium carbonate To fabricate and characterize (CaC[O.sub.3]) hybrid microparticles (hNPs) to deliver doxorubicin against cancer cells.
Since traditional PELD approaches have the shortcomings of insufficient exposure, inevitable damage to the intervertebral joints, and vision limitation so that the surgeon cannot achieve excision of the herniated nucleus pulposus (HNP), some spinal surgeons suggest that this surgical method is not suitable for the treatment of highly migrated and sequestrated disc herniations of the upper lumbar [4, 5, 10].
Although neutrophils are not prominently represented in HIV-mediated gastroentropathy, HNP1 had been recently shown to reduce tight junction expression in intestinal epithelial cells and promote HIV traversal, adding to the complexity of HNPs' role in the HIV infection process [48].
Measures of HNPs 1-3 by both methods correlated well, and the researchers concluded that HNPs 1-3 likely inhibit ADAMTS13 activity by binding to the central A2 domain of von Willebrand factor and physically blocking ADAMTS13 binding.
The presence of sciatica is a sensitive and specific symptom of HNP. Most symptomatic HNPs do not present with the so-called classic presentation of acute, unilateral, well-defined radicular pain after a strenuous episode of activity.
(76) The Information Technology Division's (ITD) mission is to "[p]rovide secure, useful, user-friendly, and cost effective information technology and knowledge management enterprise solutions for the JAGC and its clients at all levels of command across the full spectrum of legal operations and JAGC disciplines enabling the JAGC to effectively deliver legal services." JAGCNet, hnps:// 16FE965C6BD85257957004A01E8?opendocument (last visited Jan.
The 30-year birthday edition from 2008 is shown inset above left 260314COULBY_03 IAN MCINTYRE HNps
While this study has limited generalizability, it can be useful for developing and refining new HNPs for walking in paraplegia.
(11.) FAR Volume I, Subpart 16.4, Incentive Contracts, March 2005, [Online] Available: hnps://, accessed 18 November 2010.