HNPSHigh Nitrogen Pressure Solution
HNPSHumanists of North Puget Sound (Washington)
HNPSHealth, Nutrition and Population Sector Programme (also seen as HNPSP; Bangladesh)
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HNPS chose to go beyond the minimum CMS guidelines to help provide the peace of mind to more members that they are safely taking the right prescription drugs for their medical conditions.
Since 2006, HNPS has collaborated with QIOs representing 12 states and the District of Columbia, sharing its pharmacy claims data to help them ensure effective and safe medication treatments for the elderly.
We are pleased to have Scott Wert join the HNPS team," said Sivori.
From 1995 through 2000, Wert served in several positions with HNPS, which was then known as Integrated Pharmaceutical Services (IPS).
Prior to his promotion, Sivori served for two years as chief financial officer of HNPS, overseeing the financial operations related to Health Net Inc.